Nachricht von Prisca – endlich


Prisca und King

Endlich konnte Prisca wieder mailen. Es liegt meist an der sehr  schlechten Internetverbindung oder an den häufigen Stromausfällen. Prisca schreibt, das King, er ist ein Menthusalem mit fast 20 Jahren, einen Schlaganfall hatte. Durch ihre tägliche  Behandlung  ist er wieder wohlauf. Nur meist bleibt es nicht bei einen Schlaganfall. 🙁  

Hello Angi,I am very sorry about the sad news,for Lizzy.Since you can afford to do all examination then you know what was her illness.OHHH it is so sad to read your message ,it take long for me to write this ,my tears falling down that i could not see the key board.These also happened to us since we have many cats.the only problems are no good veterinary can do in examination for to know the illness,just give you injection.Throwy have many complain for veterinary,which he give a book for med.for the sick cat.

You know King was sick for almost a month. He has a stroke ,the neck was twisted can not stand can not move the body.he can not eat alone.So i bring to the vet.he injected and give me a.b. tablet.i do it my self feeding with adult milk n massage gently him every after feeding. with the routine i did,he slowly recover until he can walk and eat,but it take more than a his very ok, and i am very happy.

About my cats n my dogs i thanks that all of them are good n ok.make me happy memory for Throwy still alive i see all every thing he leave behind.sometimes sadness come,i think that is cats n dogs make me busy and happy.

Angi hope you recover the sadness Lizzy is already in the rainbow happy together with other creatures ahead for her…..My hug love n kisses to you and one and only cat you have now i forgot his name sorry.


Ich bewundere Prisca denn ich weiß einfach nicht woher sie die Karft nimmt um all die Katzen und Hunde  zu versorgen.  Es ist ja nicht nur eine finanzielle Belastung……..