Priscas heutige Mail

Ich bin froh, das es derzeit kaum Schwierigkeiten mit der Kommunikation per Mail gibt. Das war nicht immer so.  Throwys Mails kamen bei mir zu häufig gar nicht an. Umgekehrt das gleiche Problem.  Rückwirkend vermute ich das es an Throwys GMX-Account und am Virenscanner Avast lag.  Nun Pricsa benutzt einen anderen Mailanbieter und es klappt wunderbar. Lediglich wenn der Strom mal wieder ausfällt wie vor kurzem ist die Kommunikation gestört.

Hier nun Priscas Mail. Man muss die schlechte Grammatik entschuldigen:

Hi Angi,

I am happy that the computer work again, and happy too that your vowel obstruction was treathened..Ican not imagine how pain when your vowel not going out for normal release daily. KURT have that problems he do not go to the doctor,just on the computer and search,if he can find the med.and less side affect he will buy.Almost 2 years until he pass away,
Wow 3 hours at the computer,i can not work longer at the computer because i feel headache.and of course this is my first time since my husband died. I have no idea for the computer before ,until you have a SMS on April,now i learn how to open and reach the email type and off the computer,thanks for the opportunity to learn the computer today You know Angi without you i am not interesting because my time always consume by the cats and dogs, plus the house chores. Now if my my son open the computer found that you have SMS he will told me and i am happy to open read and send it to you.You open my widow or door to the out side world to reach you.through computer internet.YOU are my only access to the internet today many thanks.

This computer is not old ,this is from last years 2015 Kurt bought it.Still the old one is here,my son said he can assemble it there are many spare part that is working to make it complete and he can give it to me. I am happy to hear it from him.
Yes i take ceterizine ante allergy med.I always make a reservation because there are times i ate chicken shrimps crabs even fish the allergy just come out of my skin itchy not all the times so i have to avoid those foods. But my allergy was coming from the plants i was cutting from the cats house the juice from that reaches my skin like burning my skin ans spread it to my whole body .The doctor told me to cut and kill if cats scratch that also affect to them that plant now no more.
ausrufzeichen1Angi if my pension arrive this month of August i will email you anytime so you will know,hope no more problem because for me if nothing arrive oh my GOD what i am doing nothing to sale anymore.
Having animals cats and dogs are not bad but to much are also problems specially if financially problems,I love animals since i am a kid,my parents love animals we have 5 cats and 3 dogs and all of them sleep with us. We have 3 cows carabaw pigs chicken. Maybe i have to raise chicken, we can use the eggs as foods in the morning my cats at the cathouse have no problem……., sometimes our neighbor chicken fly and landed at their place and the eat grain by grain of rice at the plate. anyway they are friendly.
That is with out cats and dogs,are lonely .animals always there you wake up in the morning cats are there if you go out the dogs are waiting at the door.Plenty i can talk to them i greets them both my cats dogs good morning,The feeding of you cats are hard foods? I will try them to feed with friskies hard, the seven kilos is 1,184 pesos. with out can food maybe better but i need them to be familiar. the small can is 85grams, 45pesos 1 can. i need 2 cans every day. That is only foods for the cats in the house not at the cathouse.slowly i will train them so i can share also the cats at the cat housewith friskies hard.
Sorry Angi about your illness,even me i suffer now the allergy ..and also my cramps on my hands.not tingling only but i feel the pain when to much using water like washing and cleaning the plates i have to use globe but sill my hands become wet cause of sweating.Ihave to control using my hands my doctor said .it is attritt es .When i wake up in the morning i can not close my hands my finger are very pain i need to massage first until i can make a is also getting worst than before.We hope there is chance that our illness will be cured.
Regards from my son RIOCHIE to you and to your husband,hope too he is getting better the more to you have two cats to care. Our love to you ANGI and to your two cat and your husband.
Greetings from me and Riochie,