Höhen und Tiefen ohne Ende

Prisca ist bald mit den Nerven unten, ganz weit unten. Die zugesagte Rentenzahlung per 22.8.16 war wieder nichts als dünne Luft. Ob es an den Überweisungsdaten des  Rententräger oder an der Hausbank liegt scheint immer noch nichts geklärt. Der Rententräger meint es liegt an Priscas Hausbank, diese wiederum weist das  von sich. Dazwischen ist Prisca mit ihren Tieren.   



I  am happy and a big smiles to your letter i receive ,that still there are people who have good heart ,like you.I have no contact to them but because of your effort and courage  it done.Many thanks to you and your friends who share there blessing to my cats and dogs.And second i thanks to GOD for this graces.

NOt good news for my money today ,MR B.G.,answer my call just 10 mins. from now,the money is return again to there office in GENEVA 2,I was crying already talking because every day i need money and the fix expenses of the house like electric,water,and internet .This i can not let it be.he told me i am sorry.i told him the mistake is not here in the BDO BOHOL but there in there office maybe there transaction ,he told me to investigate and he do not know how long it takes.but his assurance is to deposit the money if the knows the result, hi,i ask if there is another option how to send my money,he said through postal but it take longer than the bank and not safe ,he knows PHILIPPINES   POSTAL  is not safe even with checks bank note of BDO so i can in cash here… That is why he has to wait the result of investigation.I call again by Friday if  i will not receive email from MR B. G..I really got angry of the situation .ANGI s oon it is SEPTEMBER,6 months i suffer there mistake, i blame him why not investigate the first return of the money,why wait for the second time. And my hope faith not lost the more my patient..even deep inside my heart i was angry because of the delayed of the money to arrive to my bank,still i smiles and happy because of the good news from you.Yes ,i will do to care my all cats and dogs until the end of there life this care continue while they are alive with me.but i need my money to handle them.

About the computer internet cafe that can not be done  now if my money arrive,because a lot for me to do plenty to repair at the house where cats lives,the fences for there safety and the fences of my house there are wooden post to  change  it is rotten,so after that ,first i have to save for the plan of my son, because you are my friend like sister helping a lots of my  unexpected problems ,even at that time i know you because you are close friend of THROWY ,you do not forget him,you are able to contact me through my cellphone ,you are the true real friend.SO for me what is going on to me and my son, my animals ,what is plan and improvement someday,of course it is still a long run,you will know my dear ANGI..

About that HAPPY ANIMALS  CLUB ,yes i heard that ,and it was THROWY who told me,yes he was very happy when his reading  and looking the pictures of the  animals cats dogs even bigger animals cow,but the founder was the parent ,he said maybe the wife is a filipina and the husband is a foreigner,and the put the son in the front as the PHILIPPINES ANIMALS RESCUE CLUB ORG. Now it is a big org. because a lots of foreigners is helping .At the starting of our cats just coming 1 pregnant cat and the deliver 7  baby cats at our house  and other neighbors thrown there cats  inside the fence  ,we can only count cats that we pick up for rescue,mostly thrown inside our fence inside the plastic bags and mostly small that really needs care like milk for the baby infant.i start this in year 1996 ,but THROWY do not like to open to the public for the reason that  the government will confiscate and kill them all, he said if that will happen he will fight them. But at this time ,me got the problems  because of the delayed of the money. I thank you ANGI, you rescue me and my animals. yes my son showed me the rescued cats and dogs.they are now in the hands of couple or group of peoples animals lovers. I am happy and smiles looking to there pictures ,seldom filipinos cares plenty animals specially a lots of works feeding and cleaning ,an alots of patient wow.behind on that are foreigners and the have hire peoples to care , i like  love what they do for the  animals needs help.that is very ok.

Plenty i write you.see you for my next letter,



Es macht mich sehr traurig, das Prisca seit 6 Monaten auf ihre Witwenrente wartet. Wer auf den Philippinen kein Einkommen hat, der geht ohne Hilfe einfach unter.

Umso erleichtert bin ich, das einige Spender(innen) schnell reagierten.  Auch an dieser Stelle  bedanke ich mich dafür.  Die Spendenliste ist hier einzusehen.

Ich veröffentliche die Bankdaten  aus Datenschutz- und Sicherheitsgründen nicht online, Wer noch ein paar Euro über hat, kann die Daten bei mir erfragen.

Ich weiß nicht wie lange Prisca Hilfe braucht, aber Transparenz ist wichtig und richtig.  Ich habe für zukünftige Spenden die Möglichkeit, die Spendengelder auf ein Fremdkonto eines mir  bekannten Rechtsanwalts zu lenken. Ich denke auch das ist eine gute Sache um Betrug oder Schummeleien zu vermeiden.


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