Neues von Prisca

Prisca ist wie Throwy eine Kämpfernatur. Trotz all der gesundheitlichen Schwierigkeiten ist sie immer für die Katzenfamilie da.  Seit längeren gibt es vermehrt wieder Verbindungsprobleme.. Oft hängt die Verbindung. Aber zumindest hat Prisca wie Telefon.  

Prisca ist Katholisch  und hat ihre 9 Tage Novena  am 24.3. beendet. Das ist Throwys Todestag.  Norenas für die Toten.  Ich mußte erst nachschlagen was Norena bedeutet….

Sie schreibt das Throwy immer vorher merkte wenn eine Katze im Sterben lag. Ja das schrieb er mir auch oft. Er spürte es einfach und war sehr unglücklich darüber.

Hi Angi,

Sorry i am delayed for my reply,the internet is so slow that i can not go in. Now it is still slow but there is. I also waiting 1 hour trying until i go in. Yes i have telephone now. Here that is the problem the connection is so slow. Really it will appear in monitor internet. I need really a long patient to wait or nothing thin i stop.

Before when Throwy still alive cats died, he can cry a week and he will not eat. Now i can cry but i have to eat so i will not become sick, i can care for them. I pray that they will not be sick and thanks as of now the are ok and also my dogs.

I know it was hard for him, when animals died, not only the cats, he cry more, than the human died . But before he died, he told me, he know i can not afford to bring tovit. for medication, let the sick cat go to die than to suffer. It is very sad to me to hear from him, he cry when he told.That i always to remember when im at the cat house . I always think Throwy is there sitting and watching me and the catzies. Before i go to bed i pray and say good night to Throwy and good morning. That is my routine when his alive until now.
The veterinarian here ,Throwy knows very will, it is less knowledge compared in your country. Our friend vit. was given books from Throwy he bought in Switzerland one book of that was about in surgical. Then he start ligation of our female and taking eggs of male . He was very thankful to Throwy. Now that vit .is older and looking sickly. He has one daugther studying Veterinary near finish for the courses. mostly of his customers are foreigners, having cats and dogs. But the labor fees are getting higher since the taxes in higher from the new president.
Sorry Angi i was not able to finish my message. I take longer because of internet problem that so slow.I complain already but until now it is still the the same slow.

Today just back from my home town. Last Thursday 16 of March, i went to Trinidad where Throwy was buried, i visited for the start of 9 days novena for his one year death anniversary. The novena will end on 24 of March, that was the date when his died. Also the reason why i was not finish writing.
Sorry for Lizzy for having fleas..before i have two black cats, now i believe from you both of them died with fleas problems.Even many times we brought it to the vit.
I thanks to God that my cats now no black and no problems with there skin and furs. My dogs are also ok. Im happy to see them all in good health.

Only got pain on both hands, hoping this pain will calm down I bought voltaren cream, i massage my hands before i go to bed. Hoping it will work this evening when i open the the co mputer i wait almost 2 hours im trying to reload until i am able to open my e mail. I am thinking again it will not work but thanks it was ok.
Angi thank youfor the letter, and hoping your also ok specially your health, also Gunhter. Many thanks for every thing, and to the two beautiful creatures Lizzy and Stu mmy.. LOVE AND LOVELY GREETING .

Möge Prisca immer die Kraft und Ausdauer haben, um mit allen Widrigkeiten des Lebens zurecht zu kommen……